Winner 1: Big gift box of paperbacks, author swag, and dragon/mermaid swag

  • Ex: Mermaid Espresso Mug, Mermaid necklace, Crocheted Mermaid/Dragon Winter Hat, Dragon Crystal Ball, Dragon Pendant
  • Ex: Paperback copies of Of Fear and Faith, Flightless Bird, Her Forbidden Knight, Curse of the Undead Dragon King

Winner 2: $50 Worth of Gift Cards

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The authors of Sirens and Scales have organized a giveaway specifically for fellow authors to help celebrate the coming release of their book on January 2nd.

A collection of services and prizes have been donated, which are geared to appeal to fellow authors. There are 18 different prizes that entrants are eligible to win. They include a chance to receive a cover designed from scratch by The Book Cover Machine, a premade cover from CSA Cover Design, a set of ten short promo vids from author ND Jones, a blurb critique from The Critique Witches, one vellum ebook + print formatting by Zee Monodee, writing coaching from Margaret J. Bates, a two-hour custom facebook party from Konstanz Silverbow Promotions, a marketing package + newsletter builder from Readers Realm, a gift card for $60 dollars to either Barnes and Noble or iTunes (based on winner's choice of vendor), various proofreading, betareading, editing and critique packages and the grand prize--a newsletter promotion blast from Sirens and Scales authors of up to 150k readers reached. For the entire list of every item, check out the Rafflecopter page linked below.

The giveaway will run from December 16th, until January 15, 2018. Winners will be announced on January 18, 2018. Seventeen winners will be picked at random and notified of the prizes they've won. The prizes will be picked by the giveaway runners and entrants notified of which prize was drawn for them. Prizes selected for the seventeen winners are final and are not returnable or tradeable for other prize items.

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